Todays blog is from Chris' book, Pause With Jesus: Encountering His Story in Everyday Life. To buy your copy please visit HERE.    Think of reading the biblical stories of Jesus as a written travelogue. Each verse, story, chapter, account stands alone as an...

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What I Want for Christmas

What I Want for Christmas

The commercials lure viewers to purchase. The songs and scenes and images invite people to become clients. Though I don’t respond to many of the ads, I do want. I want a few new things, yes. That new book, that new album, that new device. And I wish a few more people...

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“Most pastors need a reason to slow down—in Chris Maxwell’s word, Pause—and take time to not only smell the roses but listen to the heart of God. Maxwell’s Pause is one of the better reasons to simply STOP everything else, open the book, read, reflect, reminisce, pray, and listen. I wish someone had written a book like this when I was a younger spiritual leader.” (Click here for more endorsements)

Dr. Doug Beacham

General Superintendent, International Pentecostal Holiness Church

It is my pleasure to recommend to you my dear friend and colleague, Chris Maxwell. I have known Chris for about a decade as a respected colleague in ministry, but have truly gotten to know Chris as one of my dearest friends over the past eight years as he has served together with us at Emmanuel College. (Click here for more endorsements)

Tracy Reynolds

Dean, School of Christian Ministries, Emmanuel College

Underwater Audiobook

Now available in audiobook from! Click on the link below.